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Saisha Delevoe is the Founder and CEO of S&Co. Consulting Services. With over 10 years of experience in higher education with a focus on recruitment and transition programming for socioeconomically disadvantaged youth, she connects people to people and passion to purpose.

Who We Are

At S&Co. Consulting, we specialize in offering a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of underserved students, families, and educational institutions. Our expertise includes:

  • College readiness and planning workshops & coaching

  • Senior boot camps for successful college applications

  • Student development workshops for personal growth

  • College success seminars for ongoing achievement

  • College prep crash courses for intensive preparation

  • Strategic recruitment planning for institutions

  • Program planning & curriculum support for educators

  • Student transition and engagement training for schools

  • Parental support training for informed guidance

Mission and Values

Our mission is to change the narrative surrounding underserved students by recognizing their skills and talents, and connecting them with resources that can lead to transformative educational opportunities. We are driven by the values of inclusivity, equity, empowerment, and community.

Our Services

We are not your cookie-cutter solutions team. We provide strategic recruitment plans, retention programming, and support with a focus on equitable practices in education and beyond. We also provide educational programming, dream writing workshops/seminars, college prep resources, and curriculum support for established projects and desired programmatic outcomes.

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